Programming and Tech News

Slashdot - miscellaneous technology news

Reddit/r/programming - Reddit thread all about programming

DZone - various programming news that you can browse by categories like AI, WebDev, IoT etc.

Hacker News - various tech news

Ars Technica - various tech news

The Next Web - various tech news

Coding Horror - blog about various things programming, unfortunately rather inactive recently

Tech Crunch - various tech news

A List Apart - interesting blog posts from various authors on tech topics

The Valuable Dev - regular posts about programming


PHP The Right Way - collection of useful posts on various PHP best practices

PHP Weekly - weekly newsletter compiling PHP news and resources

PHP Watch - general PHP news

Nomad PHP - access to PHP talks and conferences, also offers PHP courses

Larvel Blog - latest news from the Laravel world

Tomas Voruba Blog - weekly posts about PHP - regular posts about PHP stuff

Online Education

Udemy - loads of diferent video courses that go on offer quite often and can be snatched for around $10

Fanatical eBook/eLearning Bundles - various eBook or eLearning bundles, a lot of them coming from Packt

Laracasts - video courses focused mainly on Laravel development, but covering also a wider range of web development topics

Packt - lots of books and some video tutorial on software development

Coding Practice

Project Euler

Code Wars

Programming Praxis



Git Immersion - step-by-step introduction to Git commands

Learn Git Branching - awesome interactive Git tutorial

GitHub Docs - learn how to use all GitHub features

Think Like a Git - Git explained in a very approachable way

Getting Hired

We Work Remotely - website publishing only remote job offers

LinkedIn - most popular job portal


Refactoring Guru - code smells and design patterns explained in a very approachable way

Java Design Patterns - massive list of Java design patterns with explanations

Source Making - software architecture pattern and antipatterns