Downloading and installing custom Linux kernels

You might want to install a different kernel to which you have supplied with your current version of Linux. This might be because another version might work better with your hardware.

The Linux kernel is the core of the operating system that facilitates interaction between the hardware components and software.

You can install a different version of the kernel with the apt command:

sudo apt install linux-image

The command will present you with several options and you need to type the specific one you would like to install.

After installing the kernel you will be able to choose an additional option from the Linux boot menu.

In many cases the version you would like to install is not available for install from the command line and you would need to compile is from the source.

You need to go to to to download the deb packages for the version you would like to try.

After downloading the correct files for you version and architecture you need to install them with the following command and the reboot your system:

sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb

In order to be able to boot, you might need to sign the binaries, disable validation for the kernel binary or disable Secure Boot altogether in BIOS.