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What are .htaccess files?

If you were working with WordPress you probably noticed that the installation includes a .htaccess file in its main directory. Whate are these files? The .htaccess file set specific directives for the server that should be executed when an Apache server is handling requests. In the default case of WordPress it makes the server point […]

Docker volumes vs bind mounts

By default a docker container won’t store any persistent data, so anything that we write to its writable layer won’t be available once we stop it.When running Docker containers we might be interested in persisting certain data. This can be achieved by using either volumes or bind mounts. Below I’m describing main differences between the […]

Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

Https has become a standard for websites and there’s no excuse not to have it enabled on the website, especially that it’s now possible for free. Making your website more secure with a free Let’s Encrypt certificate is very easy with Certbot. The prerequisites are to have SSH access to your server that is already […]